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Visa Alias is a service for transferring funds from one card to another without a need to know the recipient's card number. The service simplifies P2P payments for users and enhances the clients' engagement and payment conversion.

Visa Alias Service relies on mapping card credentials to aliases. The most popular, but not the only possible, alias is a phone number, which is enough to transfer funds from the source card to the recipient card. Visa Alias Service immediately detects the recipient card number linked to the phone number, and it provides a token to enable a P2P transaction.

Attention! When making a card-to-card transfer, the following requirements established by the international payment systems must be met:

  1. Mandatory verification of the source card using the 3-D Secure authentication check.
  2. Mandatory input of the CVV/CVC code for the source card.

Attention! Refund operations are not possible for P2P transfers.