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API Changelog

14 June 2024

beProtected section was removed. All beProtected rules were moved to Smart Routing service.

23 March 2023

More card numbers are added to the list of test cards. These cards can be used to test both basic and advanced 3-D Secure payment processing flow.

8 July 2022

The force_three_d_secure_verification parameter is added to the credit_card section операций оплаты и авторизации средств, а также запроса на взимание платы.

11 May 2022

eComCharge adds a new CMS module for Drupal Commerce 2.

14 March 2022

eComCharge introduces 3-D Secure version 2. Basic and advanced integration flows.

22 February 2022

Updates to AVS CVC codes.

24 September 2021

eComCharge adds a new CMS module for Shopkeeper3.

7 September 2021

Updates to the description of asynchronous transaction processing flow.

1 September 2021

eComCharge introduces a recipient card tokenization service.

28 August 2021

Updates to Visa product card IDs.

27 August 2021

eComCharge adds a new CMS module for Drupal 8.

8 August 2021

The card_on_file parameter added for the payment endpoint.

26 July 2021

More values added as possible for the customer_fields.visible and customer_fields.read_only parameters for the payment token endpoint.

25 July 2021

The additional_data section added for the payout endpoint.

The currency parameter added to the balance query endpoint.

23 July 2021

The another_card_toggle parameter added for widget endpoint.

21 July 2021

The cascading payments introduced.

12 June 2021

The sender_billing_address and recipient_billing_address parameters added for P2P API endpoints.

10 June 2021

2 June 2021

Easy Digital Downloads module added.

12 May 2021

Add chapter Split payment. Fix request parameters and request example for p2p transfer.

19 December 2018

Add card_on_file parameter to authorization and payment-token requests.

25 July 2018

Add duplicate_check to all gateway transactions.

Fix absence of amount in webhooks.

19 June 2018

Add AVS/CVC verification description.

22 May 2018

Add duplicate_check to authorization and payment requests

Add Belarusian language

10 April 2018

Add idempotent requestsidempotent-requests)

03 April 2018

Add contract to payment, authorization, tokenization, payment-token requests.

23 January 2018

Add client side encryption description

14 December 2017

'Test integration' section updated.

'Create test data set' section removed.

Transaction statuses added for test card numbers without 3-D Secure.

The test attribute added to payment, authorization, create payment token requests, transaction status query response, plan creation request, plan details response.

Add 'Get payment link' section to plans.

18 July 2016

zip is made optional.

30 June 2016

Add birth_date parameter in customer section.

02 June 2016

Add description of the version 2 of the payment page. See version parameter in payment token request.

24 September 2015

Add payment_method_type field in responses of payment, authorization, credit and checkup transactions

12 June 2015

Add products.

02 March 2015

Add subscriptions.

12 February 2015

Add checkup description.

03 February 2015

Add white_black_list beProtected response section description transactions response. Add rules beProtected response section description.

18 July 2014

Add card tokenization request.

17 July 2014

Add beProtected test data.

16 July 2014

Add blacklist beProtected response section description to payment, capture, authorization and credit transactions response.

11 June 2014

Add limit beProtected response section description to payment and capture transactions response.

03 February 2014

The credit transaction API introduced.

10 December 2013

The payment page API introduced.

28 November 2013

The redirect_url parameter added to the transaction section of the incomplete 3-D Secure transaction response.

The skip_three_d_secure_verification parameter added to the credit_card section of payment and authorization transactions.

15 October 2013

The uid parameter introduced.

25 July 2013

The return_url and notification_url descriptions added to payment and authorization transactions.

04 July 2013

A chargeback introduced in the system.

25 June 2013

The token parameter description added to payment and authorization transactions.

An extended description of the response parameters added to payment and authorization transactions.