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This transaction captures the money previously held by the corresponding authorization transaction. As a result, the issuing bank credits the funds to the merchant's bank account and updates the cardholder's statement. Card regulations require a merchant to ship goods before settling the funds for an order.


To initiate a capture transaction, send a POST request to with the following parameters:

Parameter Type Description
parent_uid * required
string A UID of the authorization transaction.
amount * required
bigInteger An amount to capture in minimal currency units, for example 1000 for $10.00.
duplicate_check boolean The parameter controls whether the payment gateway will do a duplicate check of the received capture requests. By default, it is set to true and the duplicate request with the same parent_uid and amount sent within 30 seconds after the first request will be rejected.
Example of the request
Parameter Type Description
transaction * required
uid * required
string A UID of the processed transaction.
status * required
string A status of the processed transaction.
message * required
string A processing result message.
type * required
string A transaction type.
receipt_url * required
string A transaction receipt URL.
code * required
string Transaction processing code .
friendly_message * required
string code description for the customer.
Example of the response
    "transaction": {
        "uid": "52bfc29a-2c2f-408a-a7d5-bd8e84a320a9",
        "status": "successful",
        "amount": 460,
        "currency": "EUR",
        "type": "capture",
        "message": "Successfully processed",
        "test": true,
        "created_at": "2024-04-02T12:07:14.881Z",
        "updated_at": "2024-04-02T12:07:20.028Z",
        "paid_at": "2024-04-02T12:07:19.955Z",
        "closed_at": null,
        "settled_at": null,
        "manually_corrected_at": null,
        "parent_uid": "4298aabd-9547-46fa-a151-66c29489c157",
        "receipt_url": "",
        "status_code": null,
        "mute_notifications": null,
        "id": "52bfc29a-2c2f-408a-a7d5-bd8e84a320a9",
        "code": "S.0000",
        "friendly_message": "The operation is successful.",
        "smart_routing_verification": {
            "status": "successful"
        "capture": {
            "message": "Capture was approved",
            "ref_id": "8889912",
            "rrn": null,
            "auth_code": null,
            "bank_code": "05",
            "gateway_id": 3483,
            "status": "successful"